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Online System Builder is a horse racing system builder that lets you create your own horse racing systems and track the results.
Users of this website will gain access to horse racing data for each Saturdays metropolitan racing. This includes (Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth & Sydney racing).

News from (10-06-2009) - We now have the ability for users to display a number of statistics like how often a particular jockey wins or what horse number places the most. Feel free to check it out in the Stats page.

If you have an feedback or requests please post them in the Forums.

Site Closed - 07-04-2011
Hi All,

Unfortunately i have had to close down the site due to a lack of subscribers.
Kind Regards

Quick view option - 29-07-2010
I have updated the main page after you login to the site. It now provides the user with the last 5 weeks of horse racing results/data for each saved system.

For more information please check if out here

Regards Glen

Host Migration - 29-06-2010
Hi All,

I have moved hosts this afternoon, i'm fairly sure that i have got the site working and have ironed out any bugs.
Hopefully the speed of the site will be a lot better as this server is based in Australia. I should now also be able to add extra functionality to the site with the use of cron jobs / automated tasks.

If you come across any problems that i haven't fixed please post a message in the forms and i will fix it as soon as possible.

Thankyou for your patience over the last week.

Service Down - 27-06-2010
Hi all,

As most of you would be aware the Online System Builder service was down over the weekend. I apologise for this outage esspecially as it was over the weekends racing.
Unfortunately the webhost that i am currently using had an issue with their database server which meant that most of the site was unable to function.

Due to the unavailability of the sevice, those of you with paid subscriptions have been given a free month added to your subscriptions.

I have now signed up for a different host which is based in (Sydney) Australia and will be moving over to the new hosting within the next few days.
Please note that this could mean that the service will be down intermittently over the coming days.

Kind regards,

Starting Price - 11-05-2010
I have recently added a "Starting Price" field on the system builder. Feel free to check it out and let me know if you would like anything else added.

Regards Glen

Racing systems error - 12-02-2010
Hi all,

I had a bug in my software that showed some systems selecting all horses at a track in the "This Week" section.
Please re check your systems for this weekends selections as the problem has now been resolved.


More site updates - 01-02-2010
I have added some functionality to the stats field. If you are interested please read all about it here.

Site Updates - 07-01-2010
There have been a few site updates recently. If you are interested please read all about it here.

Gold Coast races - 07-01-2010
As there is no racing in Brisbane this weekend i will be adding the Gold Coast races in place of Brisbane races.

Please note that i will not be adding this to the long term database for Brisbane races as the Gold Coast is not a metro track.


Site Updated - 01-01-2010
Today i updated the site so that things will continue working into 2010.
If you happen to find any errors please either send me an email or post the problem on the forums and i will try to fix it asap.

Please note that I am currently working on a number of other updates which i am hoping will be ready within the next week or two.


Site Update - 31-12-2009
Tomorrow I am planning on doing some major backend changes to the website. Please note that the site could be down or displaying some error messages throughout the day.


Christmas Holidays - 01-12-2009
Hi all,
I am just letting everyone know that i will be doing a number of updates to the site in the week prior to new year.
This may involve the site being offline for a day or two throughout the week but everything will be back online before the weekends racing.


Melbourne Cup - 02-11-2009
As tomorrow is the biggest day on the Australian racing calendar i have added the data for Flemington races. Best of luck picking a winner.

Regards Glen

Custom Views - 02-10-2009
I have recently added a new feature that allows users to setup a custom view for any saved systems. This will allow users to see more relevant information about the systems horse selections.


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